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Ector County Historical Commission

Mountain/Pecos Regional Annual Meeting

Area Workshop

Location for the year 2002 shall be in Ector County

Hosted by the Ector County Historical Commission

Hours: 09:00 AM  to  3:30 PM

April 13, 2002

Ector County  Court House Annex

1010 East 8th Street

Odessa, Texas

Tentative schedule

9:00 -12  Business in Commissions Court Room

12-1:00 Luncheon [ in the Annex ]

1:30-3:30 Historical Tour: Journey to 3 Sites

Henderson Drug, Second and Grant Street.

White/Pool House Museum, East Murphy Avenue

Parker Ranch Museum, 1118 Maple Street

Many other interesting sites to investigate.

Come early and stay over; we'll show you many more.


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