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Ector County Historical Commission
Monthly Meeting
March 19, 2003
Ector County Court House Annex
1010 East 8th Street
Odessa, TX. 79761
3:00 PM

Minutes of the meeting:
Attendance consisted of Heggemeier family, D. Hildebrand, G. Pollard, J. Moore, M. Crider, P. Perales, A. Campbell and W. Modarelli.

President Jim Moore passed out the new name tags to Commission members and demonstrated the proper way to install on your clothing.
President Jim Moore read the  minutes of last meeting taken by Gail Barnes. Doug Hildebrand made motion 'which carried' to approve minutes as read.  Financial report from Wanda Modarelli showed a total of $1418.40 in bank.

Discussion on how could the Ector County Historical Commission help move action on installation of Henderson Drug Historical Marker. It was determined that Grace King and Mr. Tillapaugh were instrumental in its execution.  No action taken.

Discussion on information on early houses of Odessa. No action taken.

Next meeting to be April 9th; 03:00 PM at Ector County Court House Annex.  Members then move to Odessa City Hall for Historical Marker Dedication at 04:00 PM.

President Jim Moore will get with Gail Barnes to handle invitations to various parties and persons.

Meeting adjourned at 04:00 PM