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Dear Members:

Ector County Historical Commission

Regular Meeting for July 2002

Wednesday July 10th

3:00 PM

Ector County Court House Annex

1010 East 8th Street

Odessa, TX. 79761

Mary Crider has spent a considerable amount of time researching causalities during the 1880-1881 building of the railroad in Ector County. Dallas had a newspaper covering the railroad's progress through West Texas.  They named 5 persons that were causalities of railroad accidents near Penwell Texas. Mrs. Crider has graciously volunteered to present her findings to the Historical Commission during the July Meeting.

Barbara Henderson took a small group of us to the grave site West of Penwell that has been maintained since 1881 that contains 5 Chinese workers buried in a common grave.   See  http://www.odessahistory.com/grave2.htm for a photograph.  This location is being considered for a Historical Marker.

A quote from a roadside marker on the caprok:  "Ridges and canyons here hindered railroad building. In 1881 workmen earned $2.50 a day--highest wages ever paid until then on a Texas railroad job--at "Colt's big rock cut" (the mile-wide, 17- ft. chasm visible here). A tragic accident with dynamite injured several of Colt's men and killed three. Their graves, known to the pioneers around Odessa, were on a hill northeast of the tracks, but cannot now be found. (1967) "

The mystery of the missing graves are still being pondered.  What are you thoughts?

Come to the meeting in July and learn more.

The bylaws have not been followed this term and we need to fill the following committees.  Please read your bylaws and make recommendations.


Article VII


Section 1. The standing committees of the Ector County Historical Commission shall be:
A.   The Historic Properties Committee.
Responsibilities shall include supervision of the various historical properties within the county entrusted to the Commission's care, whether privately or publicly owned; and, developing a well rounded program for preserving, restoring, and maintaining historical buildings and sites.                            
Section 1. B.   Historical Marker and Research Committee.
Shall be responsible for identifying properties that should be marked; surveying subjects and sites for possible historical marker; researching or directing the research of others for those markers; securing locations for, and obtaining permission to erect markers; and updating landmarks list.
C.   Finance and Budget Committee.
To assist the Treasurer in determining when the county budget is prepared; in preparing and presenting budgets as directed by the Executive Committee; and, in managing Commission funds.  In addition, the Committee will raise private funds to supplement county appropriations.

To those of you that missed the last meeting at the Ector County Meteor Crater Site, visit there when time permits.  Lots going on with the new leadership.

your secretary,

Gareth Pollard

Historical Markers Committee Meeting details