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Nov. 7, 2001 / 2:30 o'clock
Meeting data
Ector County Historical Commission
@ White / Pool House Museum

December 5th 2001 / 3:00 PM
    Next meeting, same location. HOPE EVERYONE CAN ATTEND!
Minutes of October Meeting approved. Thanks for your participation.

Chair Barbara Henderson:

Open Meeting for business 03:00 PM

   Doug Hildebrand gave report of Radison Hotel hosting and food costs for the Regional Historical Meeting. Total was more than our budget could afford. He is delegated to research bus transportation cost for the schedule tour. Doug has also volunteered to check with Chamber of Commerce to gather details on Ector County Promotional Printed material.

    Gail Barnes volunteered to research other sources for a more moderate rate on the catering of the regional luncheon.

    Paul Perales volunteered to work on door prizes, possibly using framed historical sites or scenes in Odessa.

    Barbara Henderson, Gail Barnes and Gareth Pollard to meet and resubmit data to Texas Historical Commission for update on the "Odessa Historical Marker".
Final decisions to be made at next meeting after these reports.

    Gail L. Barnes Motion to use Ector County Annex facilities for 2002 Regional Meeting Location was approved.

    Gail L. Barnes Motion to follow tour schedule as proposed was approved.

    Gail L. Barnes Motion to approve proposed budget was approved.
    Gail L. Barnes Motion to transfer $2000 from general fund to special bank account for immediate expenses was approved. This leaves a balance of $1500 remaining in the general fund to be transferred at a later date.

Meeting adjouned 04:30

Misc. Data:
    Wilma Delaney has resigned her position with the Commission because of family responsibilities. We will miss you Wilma!
    Attendance was 6 with 3 absent. To those that missed the meeting; please try to join us Dec 5th at White/Pool house at 3:00 o'clock.

Gareth Pollard

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