Ector County Historical Commission BYLAWS

Article I


Section 1. The name of this organization is Ector County Historical Commission.
Article II


Section 1. The purpose of this organization is to initiate and conduct programs for the preservation of the historical heritage of the county as charged under Article 6145.1, Vernon's Civil Statutes, as amended. (V.A.C.S.)
Section 2. It shall not be the purpose of the Commission to duplicate or replace existing historical organizations and activities, but it is the purpose to give leadership, coordination, and service where it is needed or desired.
Article III

Non-Profit Status

Section 1. By law, the commission is exempt from paying income tax and state sales tax and does not need to incorporate as a non-profit organization.  Contributions to the county commission are tax deductible.
Article IV


Section 1. The Commission will be composed of as many members as necessary to implement Commission programs but now fewer than seven.
Section 2. The Commission shall be appointed, as provided by law, during the month of January of odd-numbered years by the Ector County Commissioners' Court for a period of two years.
Section 3. The Commission may be joined by interested individuals in the duties and functions of the Commission but only the legally appointed members shall be voting members.
Section 4. The Executive Committee of the Executive Board of the Ector County Historical Commission shall receive proposed names for consideration for additional voting members to the Commission.  The Executive Committee shall then submit the name or names to the Ector County Commissioner's Court for election.
Article V


Section 1. Regular meetings of the Ector County Historical Commission shall be monthly at a convenient time and place designated by the officers of the Commission.
Section 2. All meetings are to be conducted in accordance with the Texas open meeting law.
Section 3. At the discretion of the Commission officers, the regular meetings may be suspended provided that one meeting per year be held in the county seat city as required by law.
Section 4. Special meetings of the commission shall be at the call of the Commission Chair.
Section 5. A quorum shall consist of five (5) members.               Bylaws Page 1  2  3 Quit