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December 5, 2001 / 3:00 o'clock
Meeting data
Ector County Historical Commission
@ White / Pool House Museum

Next Meeting:
January 9th, 2002  1:30 PM
Commissioners Conference Room reserved
Ector County Court House Annex
1010 East 8th Street

Ector County Historical Commission

Members Attending:
Doug Hildebrand, Miltrue Collins, Paul Perales, Gail L. Barnes, Wanda Modarelli, and Gareth Pollard.
Members Absent:
    Barbara Henderson, Jean Heggemeir, Kathy Rhodes, Mary Crider, June Naylor, and Arlene Campbell.
6 present and 6 absent.

    November Minutes inspected and corrected, added Names of creator of Motions that were rejected or approved by votes. Secretary had omitted these in the minutes. [thank you for the input]
    Our Chair Barbara Henderson was unable to attend so Vice Chair Gail L. Barnes presided over the December meeting.
Meeting open for business 03:00 PM

    Gail Barnes reported Ector County Commissioners Court appointed two new members to the Ector County Historical Commission. All of us are looking forward to  welcoming the appointees, Mary Crider and June Naylor.

    Paul Perales report on door prizes accumulated for Spring Workshop showed a mounted print of a historical scene in Ector County.  Miltrue Collins motion to accept said print, plus the other shown last month. Vote was affirmative.  Gail Barnes suggested idea for a member to shop for a beautiful candle for additional prize.

    Doug Hildebrand reported on transportation for upcoming Workshop would cost $150.00 for two busses that carry the members to the three historical sites planned for the April 2002 Tour.  The Chamber of Commerce promised the offering of Handouts of Odessa printed material and other goodies.

    Gail Barnes gave a report on food caterer and costs for the spring workshop and suggested vote be delayed until January meeting when more members should be present and we have a chance to inspected facilities at the Court House Annex.

    After a discussion about the repairs to the Henderson Drug, Gail Barnes volunteered to pursue a following up; gathering progress reports from various individuals working on these details.

    Gail Barnes suggested all members to offer suggestions for additional Heritage Marker Locations of their favorite historical happenings.

    Secretary requested printing supplies and postage for mail outs for last three months. Reply from treasurer Wanda Modarilla that material requests goes through Ector County Court House Annex appropriation dept.
No action was taken.

Meeting adjourned 04:30 PM

Gareth Pollard
December 6, 2001

Additional information, December 10, 2001

10:00 Ector County Commissioners Court Room.
Details of meeting:
Gareth Pollard met with Norita Holms (Ector County Purchasing  Agent) to follow Wanda Modarilla's suggestion on handling expenses of Ector County Historical Commission.

The Ector County Purchasing Department issued to the present secretary and to future acting secretaries the following items:
    Copy Craft Catalog of office supplies.
    A book of Requisition sheets with beginning Number [A 142501 through A 142525].
   Gareth Pollard (secretary) signed for possession of material, on Dec. 10, 2001.

Requisitions go to Lucy Soto.
Room 400.
Purchasing Dept.
1010 East 8th Street.
Ector County Annex.

Dial  915-498-4020 for additional questions or information.
Thanks to very helpful, friendly group of Ector County employees.

Gareth Pollard
Dec. 10. 2001

Executive Meeting, Dec. 17, 2001

Those in attendance: [11:00AM - 1:30PM] at Ector County Court House Annex Meeting.
Wanda Modarelli, Gail L. Barnes, and Gareth Pollard. Unable to reach Chairman Barbara Henderson.

    Discussion on Henderson Drug Repairs:
Vice Chairman Gail Barnes was in receipt of details of stated attitional required repairs to the Henderson Drug Structure.
    A report from Ector County engineer Bonifay stated total repairs recommended to be $60,000.00.  Our budget consists of $20,000.00.  Motion made by G Barnes to do partial repairs within the budget limits to repoint and replace sand stone in damaged walls on the lower levels. Motion voted and agreement to follow that action.

    Treasurer Wanda Modarelli led the way to the Ector County Credit Union in the Annex building, and a new account was set up and a deposit made for $2000.00 funded by the County to be used for Ector County Historical Activities only.  Monies spent must be within the budget and agreed by the Commission members.  Account has a dual signature requirement to be signed by Vice Chairman and Treasurer, or Secretary.

    To aid and assist the Ector County Commissioners the following suggestion from a former meeting; details on a amendment to the Commission "By Laws" Article IV concerning "Membership":
Rename Section 3 to Section 4 and create the following in Section 3.

     Ector County Historical Commission members are urged to do careful research and suggest names of prospective persons that are interested in our heritage and would assist in preserving sites of historical events.  People so named shall be submitted to the Ector County Commissioners to be appointed by the Court at the proper time. This action will aid the growth of a healthy Commission and create enthusiasm among the members.

    Such amendment shall be submitted to all members 10 days before a deciding vote at regular monthly meeting. Members are urged to vote in person at our next meeting Jan. 9, 2001.

Gareth Pollard
Dec. 17. 2001

email secretary  comments; omissions and/or errors.  Thank You