Permian Basin Genealogical Society
in Odessa, Texas. U.S.A.

Permian Basin Genealogical Society News

July 24th 2000

Past Programs

7:00 PM
3rd floor
Ector County Lib.
Round table discussion on Problems, Failures and Success.
Each member allocated 5 minutes to speak.
July 22nd

Free Intermediate Workshop

9:30 - 12:00AM
3rd floor
Ector County Lib.

Jean Heggemeier
will discuss Imigration, Migration and Ports of Entry.

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14  Ways to find a Maiden Name

The lady's death certificate. Divorce records.
Child's death certificate. Newspaper indexes
Look for father's or brother's name. County Histories
Marriage Record Widow's military pensions
Printed Church records. Spouse's genealogy
Unpublished church records of marriage. Wills and Probate records
IGI at FHS library Genealogical Inquiries.


Scotland County Genealogical Society Newsletter
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England Research:

What does it mean?

When researching in England it may be
helpful to know that a "hamlet" has no Episcopal church.
a.a.s     Died in the year of his/her age, ie a.a.s (Anno setatis suae)
A "village" has a Church; d.s.p    Died without issue (decessit sine prole legitima)
A "town" has a Royal Charter to hold markets; d.s.p.l  Died without legitmate issue. (decessit sine prole mascula)
A "city" has an Angelical Bishop. d.s.p.m.s  Died without surviving male issue (decessit sine prole mascula superstita)
d.s.p.s     Died without surviving issue (decessit sine prole supersita)
s.unm      Died unmarried.
d.v.p       Died in the lifetime of his father (decessit vita patris)
d.v.m      Died in the lifetime of his mother
              (decessit vita matris)
et al        And others (et alia)
inst         Present month or time (instans)
liber        Book or volume

courtesy: A Lot of Bunkum


One way to figure out the era your ancestor was buried is to examine the material the tombstone is made from.
If your ancestor had a stone made of common fieldstone chances are the stone dates from 1796-1830.
If the stone is flat topped hard marble the dates are about 1830-1849.
If your mystery stone is round or pointed soft marble with cursive inscriptions look for a date of
Masonic 4 sided stones began in 1850 and are still in use today.
Pylons, columns and all exotic-style monuments are usually dated 1860-1900.
Granite, now common, came into use about 1900.

courtesy: Rocky Mountain Buckeye

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